25 Dogs That Needs To Sharpen Their Selfie Skills

Selfies is something that became really popular during the 2015, it’s almost an art form. And wheter you like it or not, selfies are here to stay.

Because of that I thought I would share some things that you really shouldn’t do with selfies, illustrated by dogs.

1. First of, try to keep your tongue in your mouth, and keep grass out of it!

2. Try not to look crazy…

3. Make sure you look into the camera

4. Try to look happy!

5. Again, try to keep your tongue in your mouth

6. If you have big ears, taking a selfie laying on your back is not such a good idea

7. Well, I don’t even know what to say about this guy

8. Taking a selfie while you sneeze is not a good idea.

9. Maybe this will work as a profile pic?

10. Make sure you don’t tag your friends in a bad selfie.

11. Make sure you take your selfies from your “good side”

12. Make sure you don’t need to puke before taking your selfie

13. This guy has understood what “good side” means

14. Try to not get “bug eyes”. It’s a bit creepy

15. Don’t take selfies while “sleeping”, no one thinks your sleeping…

16. Make sure gravity isn’t working against you

17. If your not as cool as this dog, don’t try to be

18. Again, try to atleast look a bit happy

19. Choose your selfie moments carefully

20. If you have short arms, buy a selfie stick

21. Try not to capture the inside of your nose in the selfie

22. Well this guy has clearly not been listening to my advice

23. Make sure you smile!

24. A drunk group selfie is never a good idea

25. Let’s end this post wiht a “gangsta selfie!”

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