10 Things You Should Never Say To a Dog Owner

There are millions of dogs living and working all over the world, you can’t avoid them no matter how hard you try. You probably stumble across atleast a couple of them per day.

Some things are better left unsaid, doesn’t matter how good it might sound to you, remember these 10 no no’s that you should never say to a dog owner.

1. “You have dogs because you don’ have kids, right?”

Saying something likes this is just rude. There are millions of people around the world that live with both children and canine. If you choose to have children and then look down on people that doesn’t have children by choice, then think before you speak. You don’t become lesser people for not having human children, in fact many of us get a much richer life by living with dogs.

2. “Wow, it’s true what they say, dogs really can look like their owners.”

This is another rude one, I don’t think it needs explaining, right?

3. “He’s an energetic boy isn’t he?”

This usually means something like “he’s not very well behaved is he?” Which is something that most dog owner’s don’t like to hear I believe.

4. “Dogs should not be allowed on furniture or bed”

According to a survey done by American Pet Products Association almost half of all dogs sleep in bed with their owners. And honestly where someone allows their dog to be or not is totally up to them. That is none of your business. Many people actually sleep better and feel calmer when they have their dog beside them

5. “Is he a good dog?”

No of course not, he is a wild viscious beast that I let loose so he can terrorize all humans around me. What do you think? of course he is a good dog!

6. “Does he bite?”

Well, the answer to why you shouldn’t say this is the same as the one above.

7. “You got your hands full there!” (To someone with more then one dog)

Not really, I just have more then one dog. It’s all good, no worries.

8. “Oh I don’t like those types of dogs, they bark alot, don’t they?”

Well, obviously I don’t agree with you on this one because I got one of those dogs right here that I love very much.

9. “Who’s taking who for a walk there?”

It isn’t what i looks like, I promise I got FULL control even though it looks like he is dragging me around

10. “Can my kid play with your dog?”

I’m just out for a walk with my dog here, Im not really offering a babysitting service – unless you pay well of course..